What can the app do?

The last thing we want is to bore you with technical details here. After all, that's exactly what it's about: The AI does the marketing for you completely autonomously in the background so that you can concentrate entirely on your shop. Here is a brief overview of which strategies she uses:


RetargetingRetargeting campaigns — just watched, didn't buy anything?

One of the most efficient marketing strategies out there. The idea is simple: Visitors who have already rummaged in your shop but have ultimately not bought anything are flagged and addressed again at the appropriate moment with the appropriate advertising material. In doing so, the AI analyses their behavior and looks for the perfect strategy to attract them back to your shop without becoming intrusive. The charm of retargeting lies in its precision: It only targets those you can be sure are actually interested in.

BrandingBranding campaigns — get on the right side

Not just specific websites, it is often also specific places where your own target group romps around. With just a few clicks, location-specific targeting can be used to place advertising at trade fairs or events, for example. Of course, points of sale from the competition are also extremely promising spots to reach interested parties. And for anyone with their own retail store, it is of course an absolute must to use this feature — as an extended shop window, so to speak. Read more about this in our blog articles.

LokaleLocal campaigns — Pinpoint landing with the target group

This campaign type also focuses on the target group. With the help of so-called white lists, thematically appropriate websites can be identified on which the campaign is to be played out. For example, a shop for garden supplies offers sites such as www.mein-schoener-garten.de or schoener-wohnen.de. The ideal strategy for attracting new prospects. Read more about this in our blog articles.

advertising material

Static banners

The classic, tried and tested, chic, unobtrusive and perfect for promoting your own brand.

Dynamic banners

Ads personalized to individual users, very eye-catching.

Video ads

Video kills the competition: extremely eye-catching, can run before, during or after videos, but also on text pages. The accompanying music is freely selectable.

Native ads

“Disguise yourself” as an article and are therefore seen more like a good tip from the editor.